Black Widow & Brown Recluse Spider Control Weatherford, TX

Scared of Spiders? Put your mind at ease!

Spider Services in Weatherford, TX

There are close to 900 different kinds of spiders in the Texas area. Two groups are considered dangerous and poisonous. Spiders consume arthropods and other insects. Contact a doctor to treat the bites from a Brown Recluse or Black Widow spider.

Brown Recluse Spider Removal

The Brown Recluse spider is shy and hides during the day. It becomes active during the evening and night hiding in dark areas. You may find them in dry warm areas inside and around homes and buildings. The spider has a violin shape on its back in between the eyes and abdomen. Its venom can cause tissue decay and even death. If you suspect that you may have a Brown Recluse problem contact us today.

Black Widow Spider

You can find Black Widow spiders throughout the United States. They prefer undisturbed areas outdoors like sheds, cellars, and toys. It is a black spider with a red hourglass shape under its abdomen. It is the female that is most dangerous. You may or may not feel a bite but you will see swelling and two small red spots and redness around the area if bitten. Bites are not common and serious complications are rare. Book online for treatment for black widow spiders.

Spider Prevention Tips

  • Check door seals and window screens for gaps
  • Remove debris away from your home
  • Keep landscape trimmed from touching the house
  • Sweep down spider webs in and around the exterior