Gopher Control Azle, Brock, Weatherford, & Springtown, TX

Gopher Removal Springtown, Weatherford, Brock, & Azle, TX

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We provide gopher control in Weatherford, Springtown, Brock, Azle, and the surrounding areas. Just a few of the other cities where we offer gopher removal and gopher trapping are Poolville, Peaster, and Millsap, Texas.

Pocket gophers are active year-round, and it can be hard to get rid of gophers after they have taken up residence. They can be very destructive and a nightmare for homeowners. They get their name from the two pockets outside of their mouth that they use for carrying food. They prefer porous soil that is moist and drains well. Using their sharp teeth and claws, they excavate tunnels underground, causing damage to the lawn and leaving unsightly mounds in the yard. Gophers eat over 50% of their body weight each day. They are strict herbivores and like to eat roots, shrubs, trees, forbs, and grasses. If you suspect that you may have a gopher problem and need gopher removal, you can contact us today. Our gopher elimination service involves gopher trapping. We do not use any poison.

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