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Flea treatment preparations
In order for our flea treatment program to be completely successful, there are certain things that we will need you to do along with our treatment. If you will help us by following these instructions, your flea treatment will prove to be more successful. Have your pet/pets on a flea treatment program prescribed by your veterinarian. You will need to be sure that the fleas that are currently living on your pet are eliminated and that any fleas they may pick up later are prevented from surviving and reproducing. We do not recommend relying on over-the-counter products. Ask your veterinarian what he or she recommends.

Prior to treatment please do the following:
Launder or dispose of all pet bedding material.
Pick up anything that is easily moved so we can cover as much of the surface of your floors as possible. Heavy furniture, beds, bookcases, etc. can be left in place. Smaller items such as toys, clothes, baskets, pet bowls, should all be removed and placed above the treatment area.
Daily, thoroughly vacuum all floors and furniture, including underneath furniture and couch cushions and in furniture crevices. If able too, vacuuming underneath beds as well.
Remove vacuum bag or empty contents in the “outdoor” trash after vacuuming. The vacuum creates a vibration which stimulates the young fleas to emerge from their cocoons.
Cover all aquariums up and unplug the filters.
Turn off the air conditioner during the treatment as well.
Arrange to have your family and pets out of the home while treatment is being done and for several hours after it is completed until all products have dried completely.
Do not wash or vacuum floors for 24 hours following treatment, after that daily vacuuming is recommended until the problem has subsided.

Note: Because young fleas must emerge from cocoons in order to come in contact with the treatment, it is possible to have activity following our treatments. Once adults and young come into contact with treatment this should eradicate the problem provided our recommendations have been followed and vacuuming has been done before and after our treatment.

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